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"Do You Think He Was Speaking the Words of Heaven?" - John 3:31-36 - John the Baptist was describing the superiority of Christ's ministry over his own.  He stressed that his viewpoint was only one of an earthling hearing from God, while Christ's viewpoint was from one who actually lived in heaven and saw and experienced what He spoke about when He taught.  Amazingly, Christ's witness was not generally received by men, but must be believed by anyone desiring eternal life with Christ in heaven.  All unbelievers will abide under God's wrath.
Ken Jr. updated his blog with the following:

Christians are often told that all scientific evidence points in the direction of a very old earth and universe.  A fantastic and informative article from the folks at Answers in Genesis reveals that is not the case. Click the title below:

"The 10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth" 


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